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Composite Can, Paper Core & Fiber drum manufacturer in Delhi Ncr, India

If you have a concern, we have a solution. Want to inquire for manufacturing and packaging for composite cans, Paper core, Fiber drums and fresh tasty dry fruits? Feel free to contact us!


In Today’s era, with a fast and busy life, we neglect our health. Most important thing is staying healthy. The digital world is spreading each moment. At Stark-can, we bring fresh, tasty and nutritious dried fruits online for you. we are Top Manufacture of the composite can. we mainly focus on high quality and fast delivery to our clients. We believe in client satisfaction.

We talk, understand, and give you with the best packaging solution for your requirements. We are the solution-oriented company, which committed to giving best services to you. If you have any doubt confusion about your requirement, we are here to help you. We manufacture composite can for the different industry like food, promotional item, food, household product, cosmetics, gardening & maintenance, wine, paints box, beverage.

Composite Can Products

In Stark-can we cater our customer, we provide industry best services to them that’s why our customers are the best promoters of our company.

Our core focus on manufacture Strong cylinder that will carry to the thoroughness of the retail shipping and product handling process, then on functionality of can where we make proper interiors and assemble them with right addition and finishing, depends on the specific need of each product, then on presentation that it should be eye-catching and creative.

We validate the total package including the label, to guarantee our standard then we finally dispatch our product. We are equipped with industry latest manufacturing and packaging machine. We believe in the eco-friendly process.


Our Dry fruits Products

  • 656.00 498.00
California Almonds
  • 309.52 150.00
Green Almonds
  • 1,500.00 1,200.00
Cashew W- 240
  • 750.00 725.00
Muscat Raisins
  • 640.00 450.00
Cashew W-210 Jumbo
  • 600.00 550.00
Cashew W-320
  • 250.00 180.00